Raymond Meifert (Ray) was born in St. Louis, Missouri (1948) and lived in the South for much of his first 25 years. From 1988-1992 he lived in Brussels, Belgium and traveled throughout Europe. He has also traveled extensively in Latin America, the Middle East, Russia, Asia Pacific, and Japan. His extensive travel and various cultural experiences have greatly influenced Mr. Meifert’s paintings.

Ray's paintings have been exhibited in galleries in Illinois, Louisiana, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, New York, Wisconsin, France, and Belgium. Within the last few years a number of his paintings were selected as part of an exhibit commemorating the beginning of the Civil War. He has had a one man show of French themed paintings in the Chicago area. In 2012, one of Ray's Civil War paintings, "The University Greys", was named to be part of the University of Mississippi's permanent art collection. His painting "Late Night on the Midway" won a 2013 Minnesota State Fair's People's Choice award.

Mr. Meifert currently lives in Edina, Minnesota with his wife. They have one daughter who is a graduate of Ray's alma mater, the University of Mississippi, and is a professional actress.